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No item is too difficult to frame!

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Flower Bouquet

Framing solutions for any item.

Almost any item and any size!

3D Items is where our creativity gets a chance to shine. We can frame almost any item, no matter how difficult it may seem.

We have framed flower bouquets, boxing gloves, wetsuits, children’s dolls, skateboards, wreaths and much more! 

All of our frames are custom-made on-site, which means we can create the perfect size and layout to suit your item. No uneven borders or jamming items into standard sizes – just quality framing specific to your item.

We recommend you bring your item to our showroom for an exact quote*.

*Online quotes for 3D items will be general estimates. Exact pricing is completed by our staff on item inspection.


• SIZES: Fully customised
• PRICING: Visit our showroom or fill in an online enquiry

Custom Framing Cape

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