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Introducing our Foamboard Prints - a perfect blend of elegance and functionality to add a personal touch to your events. Printed on high-quality 220gsm premium photo paper, these prints are meticulously bonded to lightweight 5mm thick foamboard.

**Key Features:**

1. Premium Quality Printing:
Immerse yourself in vivid detail with prints on 220gsm premium photo paper, ensuring exceptional clarity and vibrancy.

2. Sturdy 5mm Foamboard:
Experience durability without the bulk. These prints are securely bonded to a lightweight 5mm thick foamboard, providing a sleek yet robust display solution.

3. Lightweight Convenience:
Easily maneuver and position your prints. The lightweight design makes these foamboard prints effortlessly portable and versatile.

4. Perfect for Display on an Easel:
Create a striking entry sign or guide patrons seamlessly with these prints displayed on an easel. Their lightweight nature ensures hassle-free placement.

5. Adds a Personal Touch to Your Event:
Infuse your event with a personal and distinctive flair. Our Foamboard Prints serve as a unique and memorable addition to any occasion.

Whether you're directing guests, showcasing event details, or simply adding a touch of personalisation, our Foamboard Prints are the ideal solution. Give your event a boost with the perfect blend of style and functionality. Order your personalised Foamboard prints today!
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