Personalised Bauble & Tree

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Discover the enchantment of the season with our meticulously crafted Personalised Tree & Bauble set—a sophisticated addition to your festive decor that embodies elegance and individuality. Carefully laser-cut with precision, each element in this captivating ensemble reflects the artistry and meticulous attention to detail that characterises our creations.

OVERALL SIZE: 210mm x 145mm

At the heart of this festive set is a gold tree with black engraving that adds a touch of refinement to your holiday setting. The precise laser-cutting ensures every detail is immaculately etched, creating a visual masterpiece that captures the essence of the season.

Adding practicality to the aesthetic, a sturdy base accompanies the majestic tree. This not only enhances the display but also ensures stability, allowing you to showcase this exquisite piece in any corner of your home. Whether gracing the mantelpiece, tabletop, or serving as a focal point in your festive arrangement, the Personalised Tree & Bauble set is designed to capture attention and evoke joy.

The highlight of this set is the clear acrylic bauble, patiently waiting to be personalised with your unique touch. Add your own text, a cherished quote, or a special message to create a bespoke ornament that tells your holiday story. The transparent nature of the bauble allows the engraved text to stand out, creating a captivating interplay of light and design.

Tailored for those seeking more than just a Christmas decoration, this set is for individuals who appreciate the warmth and charm of personalised artisan products. The Personalised Tree & Bauble set isn't just an ornament—it's a reflection of your style, sentiments, and celebration of the festive season.

Ideal for those in search of distinctive Christmas decorations, this set resonates with the discerning taste of individuals who appreciate unique and thoughtfully crafted items. Whether you're adorning the halls of your home or seeking a memorable gift, our Personalised Tree & Bauble set is a timeless choice that captures the spirit of the season in a truly special way. Boost your holiday celebrations with this extraordinary piece that goes beyond decor—it becomes a cherished part of your festive traditions.

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